Press Release: Reject the Saudi-led ‘Islamic Military Alliance’ as a Great Deception Designed by the US and the West to Extinguish the Resurgence of Islam

Reject the Saudi-led ‘Islamic Military Alliance’ as a Great Deception Designed by the US and the West to Extinguish the Resurgence of Islam

On Tuesday 15th December 2015, Saudi Arabia announced a military coalition of 34 Muslim countries to fight “terrorism” in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. The State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh Shahriar Alam has also welcomed this move and said that Bangladesh has gladly agreed to join the alliance as it goes in line with the zero tolerance policy of Bangladesh government against ‘violent extremism’, in other words, with tyrant Hasina’s avowed zero tolerance towards Islam.

The ugly truth behind this deceptive ‘Islamic Military Alliance’ is that it is nothing but another new platform for America and the West’s global war against Islam. With mounting American pressure on the Arab and other rulers in the Muslim countries for more cooperation in military campaigns against the resolute Syrian Muslim population (under the pretext of fighting ISIS), these subservient nation-state leaders came forward to serve their masters’ interest in that region and beyond. And hence we saw the US Defense Secretary Ash Carter immediately welcomed the announcement on his arrival at Incirlik Airbase in Turkey on Tuesday during his regional tour designed to drum up support for the US-led campaign: “… it appears it is very much in line with something we’ve been urging for quite some time, which is greater involvement in the campaign to combat ISIL (Islamic State) by Sunni Arab countries.”

The crusader West led by the US has miserably failed to halt the global march of the sincere Muslims for the mighty Khilafah which has been intensified in Syria. Having almost exhausted trying all the options, the evil US now wants deeper involvement of the Muslim armed forces to annihilate the truthful Muslim revolution not only in Syria but, if necessary, in any corner of the Muslim world, and hence we see the appearance of such military coalition in the name of combating “terrorism”. This projected goal is evident from Saudi defence minister and deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s press conference on Tuesday where he has made the objective clear that the coalition would work together to target “any terrorist organization, not just ISIL” and in cooperation with the “international community” (aka crusader West). Stabbing the Ummah in the back has always been the central role of the Saudi monarchy that started with conspiring with the Western imperialists in destroying the Khilafah. And now when the second righteous Khilafah is on the horizon, all the traitor rulers of the artificially created Muslim nation-states have gathered under the leadership of the self-proclaimed ‘Khademul Haramain’ (!) to cause severe damage to the Ummah’s aspiration and struggle for Khilafah.

O People! O the Sincere Military Officers! Hizb ut Tahrir urges you to be cautious about this heinous conspiracy of the US and the West who are behind this new coalition to use the Muslim armies to kill fellow Muslims as the west has already been exhausted and losing the war against Muslims. You must remember that you will be accountable in front of Allah Azza wa Jal if you support traitor Hasina in her decision to join this coalition to extinguish the Call of Islam under the pretext of fighting “terrorism”. Rather give support to the truthful Hizb ut Tahrir in establishing the promised Khilafah upon the method of the Prophethood, in Bangladesh and challenging the crusader west under the brave leadership of its Ameer Sheikh Ata bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Bangladesh

Friday, 07th Rabii’ I 1437 AH
18 December 2015
Ref: 1437-03/01