The Conflict in Aden Serves the Colonists’ Schemes and Reveals the Rotten Appeals

Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Yemen has previously clarified the conflict in the country of Iman and wisdom in more than one press release, that pernicious conflict that totally covers the north and south of Yemen. The conflict in the South is an Anglo-American international conflict with local and regional tools. The pro-American separatist movement, which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is trying to contain, is obstructing the legitimacy of the pro-British Hadi and his government, as the separatist Transitional Council, led by Zubaidi, threatened to expel the so-called legitimate government and gave a week-long deadline to the president of the legitimacy – which they ostensibly recognize – to change it. Then the Council refused the invitation of the Hadi government to convene the parliament in Aden, threatening to impose a state of emergency and the declaration of a government of war if Hadi did not respond to their demands to change the government. But some of the forces of the Southern Movement, which were spawned by the agents of the English – either Hadi or the UAE – announced their rejection of the statement of the Transitional Council led by Zubaidi, which suggests that the pro-American South movement will be weak in front of the public opinion and in front of its opponents in the south and may be subject to a knockout if it becomes reckless and worked to implement it by force, which is not expected to do now, as these movements are only a pressure to ‘get more of the cake’. UAE, the agent of the British, will not accept the separation that makes it an occupation force in the eyes of the world, especially those who support Tariq Afash and makes camps loyal to it in the South, which these separatists reject. Hadi is likely to respond to these pressures and will dismiss or reshuffle the government. But Saudi Arabia, the American agent, has made no serious move to date toward what the pro-American movement in the South are doing, even though it claims that its war was for the sake of Hadi and the stability of his legitimacy. This indicates that Saudi Arabia has a hand in that and allowed it to be merely a pressure point, to achieve what America wants in Yemen, both in the north and in the South. America wants to involve the Houthis and the southern separatist movement under the leadership of Zubaidi in the rule of the country. And what is not denied by any follower of politics in Yemen is that the more pressure is exerted on the Houthis in the north, the more the pro-American South movement is working to disrupt the British agents and engage them in the south, which suggests the exchange of roles and reveals a harmony that demonstrate the agency of both parties to America.

The people of Yemen in the North and South refuse to secede and detest the call to it, except for a small group of those who were deceived by the agents and the sedition makers. This is because the unity of the Islamic country is obligatory, and it is not allowed to call for nationalism, patriotism, regionalism, and other such calls of the stinking ignorance. As it is not allowed to set boundaries and perpetuate fragmentation among the people of Yemen, whose lineage and blood have been mixed over the years.

The liberation of the Islamic country, including Yemen, is not by tearing it apart, nor by the conflict over wealth and influence in the interests of the colonists. So, let the people of Yemen know that the true liberation is only achieved by the work to remove all foreign colonial influence, whether it be militarily, politically, culturally or economically, along with the exposing and renunciation of its instruments, and the culmination of all this by the work to make Islam and its provisions stand in real life by the establishment of the Khilafah Rashida (righteous Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood, so for this let the competitors compete.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Yemen

Friday, 09th Jumada I 1439 AH
No: HTY- 06/1439
26/01/2018 CE