Press Release : America’s Campaign to Suppress Islam in Pakistan Raheel-Nawaz Regime Seizes Saad Jegranvi, Chairman of Hizbut Tahrir’s Central Contact Committee in Wilayah Pakistan

Press Release
America’s Campaign to Suppress Islam in Pakistan
Raheel-Nawaz Regime Seizes Saad Jegranvi, Chairman of Hizbut Tahrir’s Central Contact Committee in Wilayah Pakistan

Late in the night of 22 April 2015, the thugs of the regime seized the widely known and respected Saad Jagranvi, the Chairman of Hizbut Tahrir’s Central Contact Committee in the Wilayah of Pakistan. It is the latest black deed in a long list of black deeds against Hizbut Tahrir. The regime has arrested members of Hizbut Tahrir throughout Pakistan and Naveed Butt, Hizbut Tahrir’s Official Spokesman in Pakistan, will now enter his fourth year of abduction on 11 May 2015.

Hizbut Tahrir has today, 23 April 2015, launched a campaign exposing America’s campaign to suppress Islam in Pakistan, which the regime insists on calling “National Action Plan.” In its leaflet issued on 23 April 2015, Hizbut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan stated, “The core concepts of the “National Action Plan” are the direct output of a major American initiative, the Pakistan-US Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement (JWG-CTLE). This body has a profound effect on Pakistan because the US Department of State, US Department of Justice and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), all contribute to it. Since the JWG-CTLE was announced in February 2002 by the US State Department, it has guided America’s agents regarding suppressing the call for Islam, Jihad and Khilafah, from the “Enlightened Moderation” of the Musharraf-Aziz regime to the current regime’s “National Action Plan.”

Through the “National Action Plan” and other means, America seeks to end the Muslims’ deep attachment to Islam, which was developed over centuries of adherence to Islam, fighting in its cause and ruling by it. It is the power of Islam that was the key to the establishment of Pakistan in the first place, forcing a former leading global state, Britain, to end its military occupation of the Indian Subcontinent, never daring to return again. It is the power of Islam that forced another superpower, Soviet Russia, to end its occupation of Afghanistan, in such a severe state of military and economic exhaustion that it led to its eventual and complete collapse. However, now that America has herself occupied the region, the power of Islam is directed against her, and will be defeated by the permission of Allah the Strong the Aziz as what had happened to the communists from before.

Suppressing Islam in Pakistan is now a matter of survival for the American presence and interests in the region. Using the “National Action Plan” amongst other means, America has mobilized her agents to denounce Jihad as “terrorism” and persecute the sincere mujahideen fighting the American occupation of Afghanistan, using the arrests of miscreants performing sectarian and ethnic violence as a cover to hide her main purpose. America’s agents also clamp down on Islamic expression in the media, social media and the political medium, denouncing it as “hate speech”, “radicalism” and “Islamism,” whilst seizing thousands of sincere Ulema and politicians who call for Jihad against America’s occupation of Afghanistan and the return of the Khilafah to Pakistan.”And Hizbut Tahrir called directly to the armed forces with the following call: “O Officers of Pakistan’s Armed Forces!

The current rulers are weak before our enemies, never daring to do what must be done, whether in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or even within Pakistan. Yet, they are mighty before the Muslims, widening their chests and striking at all that we hold of Islam, for the sake of their foreign masters. Clearly they are not of us and we are not of them. How, then, can you tolerate their rule any more, when it is upon your strength and support that they depend for survival? How do you accept that these traitors use your power in support of Kufr, its people and its man-made system of Democracy? How do you still allow these agents to suppress Islam and its people, denying them their right to live by Islam as a Khilafah state?

It is upon you now to grant the Nussrah to Hizbut Tahrir, under the leadership of the eminent politician and profound jurist, Sheikh Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah, for the establishment of the Khilafah. Only then will the plots of these criminal rulers be obliterated by the truth of Islam. Allah (swt) said,
﴿لِيُحِقَّ الْحَقَّ وَيُبْطِلَ الْبَاطِلَ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ الْمُجْرِمُونَ﴾
“That He might cause the truth to triumph and bring falsehood to nothing, even though the criminals hate it.” [Surah al-Anfaal 8:8]”

Media Office of Hizbut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan