Press Release: America’s Stratagem to Consolidate Itself in East Africa

America’s Stratagem to Consolidate Itself in East Africa

America under its special force in Africa i.e. United States Army Africa (USARAF) has recently launched a special military oversight in the town of Jinja eastern peripheral of the Ugandan capital city Kampala. The exercise codenamed as “TERMINATE TERRORISM 2015” includes US MARINES, Ugandan, Tanzanian, Burundian, Dutch and Rwandan troops. Whereas Rwanda alone has contributed 300 military personnel.

America claims that the main objective of the exercise is to strategically prepare the troops to enable them to be physically fit in carrying out peace missions, to protect democratic regimes as well as combating the threat of terrorism.

In essence, this exercise is nothing but an American maneuver meant to continue in the oppression of the Muslims and fight Islam as an ideology; in an endeavor to consolidate itself in the East African region. A region which was once a British stronghold.

As for the three main objectives of the exercise as mentioned by America:

1. To safeguard peace

2. To maintain democracy and

3. To combat terrorism, America ought to know it can no longer deceive anyone save her own self!

America is using the slogan of war against terror, to justify its atrocity against Muslims and Islam, since is their ideology and an enormous obstacle of their capitalist ideology. They are trying their level best to halt Islam from returning to the political arena globally in the fear that it will annihilate the capitalist ideology, thus liberating the Muslims and non-Muslims alike from the blood stained yoke of the heinous ideology.

It is using an ugly terror veil to create chaos and skirmishes in certain countries like Kenya, destroying social coherence in society. On top, it employs the same tactic to control opponents of its imperial advancement. Tantamount to what it did in Zanzibar, branding terrorism tags against those who clamour for the full autonomy of Zanzibar, something which is currently against American policy.

As for the issue of safeguarding peace and protecting democratic regimes. The aim being to protect those regimes that submissively obey American orders and control other countries that pose threat in the region. The presence of huge natural resources, especially oil, gas and other minerals, has America coming out with these measures to ensure the protection of those natural resources and keep safe allies who willingly facilitate the imperial motives

America has nothing to offer to humanity, in not only Africa but elsewhere. In essence, it is the cause of lack of peace and stability. The whole world is craving for a state that will follow the true Islamic ideology in an endeavor to be liberated from the yokes of the American plus other capitalist countries oppressions.

Masoud Msellem
Deputy Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir
in East Africa