Press Release : Indeed Capitalistic Democracy is what stems War and Fanaticism!

Indeed Capitalistic Democracy is what stems War and Fanaticism!


On Monday, Equality for Peace and Democracy, at the financial support of the American Institute of Peace, has published a report highlighting that in 2014, 9.091bn dollars have been wasted because of war and extremism in Afghanistan. Ironically, the money wasted is 13% more than Afghanistan’s national budget. The American Institute of Peace therefore, emphasized that in order to curtail the huge financial losses, the Afghan government should take various meaningful and substantial steps.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Afghanistan considers the results of all such researches and reports as an integral part of the ongoing colonial war of the U.S. and NATO against Muslims and Islam. Indeed, it’s the US, NATO, treacherous rulers and the corrupt capitalist system that is responsible for the corruption and devastation in Afghanistan because it is their armed forces, intelligence agencies, mercenaries and puppet rulers, who have brought with them the terror and brutality and the ruling of the puppets with corruption.

In order to substantiate the point, we would like to bring one of the conferences which was organized in Washington in February 2015, held under the title of “Terrorism and Extremism” as an example. The objective of the conference was to review the approach of the ongoing colonial war against “Terrorism and Extremism” and its strategy. This conference organized by the U.S. Department of State and the White House in which 80 countries and numerous other organizations took part for three days.

The leader of the capitalist west, Obama, while addressing the conference said, “All the participants should defend the interests of America”. He also emphasized that “we are facing a serious challenge of fighting against extremism and terrorism because of which we are all gathered here’. He went on and said, “Our struggle is not limited to military nor do we only want to kill people but we want to defeat the ideologies”. These statements are clear to everyone that the war he was talking about is the ongoing war against Islam as an ideology, as a political order. He is not against prayer or fasting. He is against Islam as an order of life. Indeed, on the global scale, it is only Islam that poses a threat to Western secular Capitalistic ideology.

It is the Muslim Ummah alone that offers the best alternative in the form of Islam to all the other ideologies in the world and has the potential to take the leadership of humanity in its hands.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Afghanistan