Press Release: “Revolutions Maker” Arriving Kyrgyzstan as an Ambassador!

Press Release
“Revolutions Maker” Arriving Kyrgyzstan as an Ambassador!

Lucky Press News Agency reported on 06/02/2015 that the U.S. Embassy has appointed Richard Miles a temporary Ambassador of the United States to Kyrgyzstan, and that he will arrive in Kyrgyzstan soon.  

Richard Miles was born in 1937 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He served in the Marine Corps from 1954 to 1957, and later graduated from the University, and studied at the U.S. Army Russian Institute in Germany; an institute from which a large number of experts and advisers who served in the military and intelligence services had graduated. Richard Miles entered the diplomatic service in 1967.

Miles was appointed ambassador to Azerbaijan, the first former Soviet republics. Richard Miles served as Ambassador to Azerbaijan from 1992 to 1993. During that period Heydar Aliyev won the election over the nationalist government led by Abulfaz Elchibey. Miles also was an Ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1996 to 1999, and it is well known that at that time war broke out in Kosovo and thousands of Albanians were killed. Richard Miles, who was also Ambassador to Georgia, is considered the main architect and the owner of the idea of the Rose Revolution in 2003.

The special trend of Miles, who was an ambassador in many countries and led the mission of replacing governments that he was indicated with, is to focus on the energy sector of the country as his first priority.

Thus, the former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze was exposed to the wrath of U.S. after signing a deal with Gazprom Company for 25 years. Because that deal could have led to serious damage to the Baku – Tbilisi – Erzurum project, a project that serves the interests of the United States.

In Kyrgyzstan a deal was signed with Gazprom on April 10th of last year, and according to that deal, the Kyrgyz gas of the company was sold for one dollar!

In 2009, “Revolutions Maker”, Richard Miles resigned from office, and was appointed a temporary Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan. This means that Kyrgyzstan entered “America’s blacklist”, and this also shows the enmity of America towards Kyrgyzstan; because Kyrgyzstan drove America out of Manas Airport. Now that spring is nearing the government is worried; a coup has occurred against the government twice in Kyrgyzstan, but it did not happen where the people revolted even once in these two revolutions.

Ukraine may be an example of a revolution of the people, because the people in this country want to live on the basis of their own civilization. They were divided into supporters of the European standards and Russians separatists and the conflict was directed. But this conflict did not continue as a people’s revolution and it became in the form of a civil war.

In Syria, the Muslim people’s revolution is taking place, which is totally different from the revolution of the Ukrainian people in principle. Thus, the struggle continues between those who want to live on the basis of values and systems of Kufr and those who want to live on the basis of the ideology of Islam. In Syria as well, there are forces which are directed from abroad, but in both situations the source of the existing problem is similar to one another. Here we talk about these situations and the scenario of the factors that influence these situations in Kyrgyzstan.

So if the United States, which sent Richard Miles, devise a revolution, which of the two earlier directions the United States might use? Does not this concern the Kyrgyz Security Services?!

The United States, or according to their expression the “Third Force”, take advantage of all the mistakes made by the Kyrgyz Security Services, and the errors have accumulated many. Not to mention the economic injustice; and this is due to the system because it is a corrupt system, and also due to the entrenched corruption that resulted from this system. These problems cannot be solved in the current circumstances. But in order to cover these problems, unfair policy directed against Islam and Muslims by the Kyrgyz government and the security services is taking place, and undoubtedly these actions will help countries i.e. the “Third Forces”, such as America. These countries are well aware that Kyrgyzstan is not like Syria or Ukraine. They plan to guide it like the Syrian and Ukrainian style here too, and if this method serves their interests then they will rouse people’s sentiments and will incite them to follow this method.

Is there a solution to the problem? Yes of course, there is a solution. For this, we must cease to differentiate between Muslims of Kyrgyzstan rather we must work to unite them. We must show the reality of the problems that afflict us all the time and on the basis of the unity of Muslims, we must call to face malicious calls that are operated by the “Third Forces”. Because Muslims in Kyrgyzstan are the major power and this is an evident fact. The “Third Forces” are trying to use force in order to achieve their interests. The Security Services commit errors while the Third Forces spread rumors about “the threat of various Islamic forces”.

This Islamic environment is strong to the extent that it can be a protective shield if it is used as a comrade, but if it is taken an enemy it will destroy any force. This is evidenced by the history and the current reality as well. Therefore we call on the Government of Kyrgyzstan, if remained in this government any owners of sound ideas, to think about the fate of the country to stop the afflictions that descend on us now but not how officials only think about their own interests?!

The American threat without a doubt exists, and this threat is well known even to the followers of the security forces, but they are unable to do anything to address this threat. The easiest thing for them is a war on Muslims under the guise of the “war on terrorism”, and they can easily accuse Muslims of extremism and arrest them because of them reading books or publishing their ideas on the Internet. In fact, the treat of the “Third Force” is increasing dramatically.

O Muslims in Kyrgyzstan!

Our true enemies, i.e. the “Third Forces”, have begun to reveal their reality, and they take us as a means to incite each other and it seems that the government cannot confront the expected threat situations. We want to remind you that this country is an Islamic country and that our true enemies are those “Third Forces”, i.e. the external forces. These forces want to distract us from our goal by cheap efforts and try to delude us that the solution to our problems is to overthrow and replace governments. And you have witnessed that these cheap efforts led to even worst situations. Therefore, the revolution schemes of our enemies, their orientation and their money will not deliver us except to ruin and destruction as happened in Ukraine. So we ask you not to forget that these external forces are our true enemies, and you have to know that the deceitful rumors of the “threat of Islam and Muslims” propagated by these forces and their agents, are dangerous ideas, because they light the fire of civil war which opens the way for the interests of these enemies.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan