Press Release: The United States Started Granting the Citizens of Kyrgyzstan Visas for a Period of 5 Years… Is This Generosity Or What?!

The United States Started Granting the Citizens of Kyrgyzstan
Visas for a Period of 5 Years… Is This Generosity Or What?!

On March 20th 2015, documents were signed giving multiple-entry visas for a period of 5 years for the people of Kyrgyzstan and the United States as an act of reciprocity according to these documents, these visas will be given for people to travel for tourism, business, health treatment, study and job search. This project will proceed starting from 28/04/2015.

On 29 April, the US Consulate in Bishkek granted the first Visa to America for a Kyrgyz man. Previously, on the Ceremony Day in the Consular Section, Richard Miles, interim charger of affairs of the US, granted a student from the American University in Central Asia Senil Dhikanbayeva a visa for five years. According to the Media Centre of the Embassy, Dhikanbayeva is one of the respected protectors of human rights who have limited opportunities, and will travel to America to participate in meetings related to her work, that is being supported by the United Nations – according to the news. The Director of the Department of the Kyrgyz Consular Services, Arslanbek Umetaliev, and President of the International Law Department Dimitri Lee and many diplomats also participated in the ceremony.
And to outline the United States’ aim for this project, we say:

Up until this day, many of the people of Kyrgyzstan do not have any idea that it is possible to get a visa to the United States… However all the opinions quickly changed, why?

Without any doubt, according to a precise plan developed by the United States, or according to experience with previous governments such as Ukraine, the aim of this is not far from the liberation of Kyrgyzstan from Russian hegemony and finding supporters in order to achieve its objectives. The United States needs to form a class of intellectual supporters of Western culture and then the creation of groups of Kyrgyz supporters; this is because the signed agreement to facilitate the granting of visas and issuing them will bring the citizens of the two countries closer. This project hits the Russian interests that put pressure on Kyrgyzstan in the issue of migrants. In other words, in the event of the implementation of this plan, it would be a blow to Russia in its own way to put pressure on us, such as escalating the rights of migrants, keeping them away, preventing them from traveling to Russia for several years and tightening the working conditions and extracting the necessary documents, this is on one hand.

On the other hand, these steps of Kyrgyzstan’s rapprochement with the United States will undoubtedly anger Russia, because Kyrgyzstan is connected with Russia because of the migrant-related problems, as Russia is considered the only source of foreign income growth for Kyrgyzstan, therefore, the American project has been coordinated to disrupt this relationship, as the travel of some people of Kyrgyzstan to America and the funds they will send will reduce the need of Kyrgyzstan to Russia.

In addition to this, granting the first Visa to a person who is one of the human rights defenders shows that the interest to this area and other areas will grow among the people of Kyrgyzstan, which will serve American interests. This is because the representatives of this group of intellectuals will give Visas to the United States for five years without hindrance.

Besides this, the Americans coming to Kyrgyzstan will work hard to spread their culture. They will initially initiate seminars and lectures in schools and educational institutions. And then they will enter the investment after which united institutions will be created. Under the pretext of protecting their fellow citizens and their properties, they will make Kyrgyzstan a strategic area for them. This means that the United States will control the entire Kyrgyzstan in order to protect its interests in the region.

This is America’s approach in its quest to transform States to its colonies and this is one of the examples. But what awaits Kyrgyzstan from the process of publishing this American project? Currently, the interests of Russia and America in Central Asia collide in this state of Kyrgyzstan, then how will their conflict in Kyrgyzstan be and what will be the quantity of blood that will be spilled? What is happening in Ukraine is an indication for this. Thus, it is not easy to predict what is happening in Kyrgyzstan as a result of this conflict though the indications are that whenever the interests of the major powers collide in one country, misfortunes befall this country. Russia will stand in the face of America’s interests in Kyrgyzstan, and Russia’s actions in such matters are barbaric and are not regulated according to any ethical rules. The ruling elite in Russia wiped out the political elite that remained after the Soviet Union, and inserted in their place political elites that ease the stability of its influence in these regions. And it works on changing these elites every time it sees them leaning to another direction, as it did before in Kyrgyzstan, and it is expected that it does the same thing if it saw Kyrgyzstan’s government on its way to strengthen its relations with America which makes governance in Kyrgyzstan remain unstable…

The agreement that was signed regarding Visas could be profitable for Kyrgyzstan, but Russia will consider this behavior as a US intervention in its region, and in the State that it believes it owns and the government which it drowns in economic crises deliberately in order to keep it as its own colony. Regardless of all of this, Russia’s blow will be directed to Kyrgyzstan, not to America.

Oh Muslims: Kyrgyzstan will not survive the turmoil as long as its rulers do not run the affairs of the country independently of the major powers. Though if they gave victory to Allah (swt) and ran the affairs of the country in accordance to the rule of the Deen which the people of Kyrgyzstan follow, Allah The Strong, The Almighty would grant them victory, and they would have lived in security and peace and the major powers would have feared them. But as long as they vacillate between America and Russia, the country will remain vulnerable to external intervention, and heated conflicts which do not afflict the conflicting parties as much as it afflicts the citizens of the country which will become the arena of the conflict. So take your precautions O Muslims, and take your precautions our people in Kyrgyzstan and know that America and Russia are enemies to Islam and the Muslims.

هُمُ الْعَدُوُّ فَاحْذَرْهُمْ قَاتَلَهُمُ اللَّهُ أَنَّى يُؤْفَكُونَ
“They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded (away from the Truth)!” [Al-Munafiqun: 4]

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan