Press Release: Continuation of the Arrival of Diplomatic Campaigns to Kyrgyzstan from the United States

Continuation of the Arrival of Diplomatic Campaigns to Kyrgyzstan from the United States

Television news station, Channel V, published information about the awaiting for the arrival of secret United States campaigns for Kyrgyzstan again. In conjunction with this, there is talk about a group of anonymous people who tried to stir sedition (fitna) among the people of Kyrgyzstan. Manufactured panic was widely spread through social media networks about the occurrence of several sabotage events that neither police nor security agencies could take any action towards them.

It is not an exaggeration to say that all these acts are only warnings to the government of Kyrgyzstan. And the group that carried out this work in the social media sites and its planners are international powers who want to prove the weakness and the lack of basic security and justice in the society in Kyrgyzstan.

Although these acts could be seen as learning experiences, however by this action of theirs, it can be expected, that there is preparation to stir up massive virtual panic. This whole thing reminds us of the Wiki-leaks incident, where cyber-attacks on media sites were closely connected to actual current events. That is, let us suppose we want to guide the society in Kyrgyzstan, intellectually or to any work for necessary objectives, this must initially be in a virtual world where real events which include injustice are published. And then a broad discussion in the community to look for ways to survive will be created. Therefore, with the increase in violence, of course, cyber conflict through the internet will evolve.

By following the outlines of the Kaffir politicians, the Kyrgyz government tightened control over communication networks and the people, and even started a war against the people. However, this war technique is wrong and useless, since it broadens the gap between the people and their government. If this method were correct, the West would have used it in their own countries. All the discussions and debates that have spread throughout the social networks were based on facts or incidents, and these incidents focused on the violence carried out by the State towards its citizens. Every agent of the Kufr regimes is trying to achieve his particular interests in the region by using global communication networks that are popular in Kyrgyzstan. The government’s war against the people in these networks creates more opportunities for agents of the Kuffar (the third power); because violence only leads to further violence.

Thus, Kyrgyzstan needs to stop encroaching on its people and objectively consider its multiple mistakes in reality. They must become closer to the people and stay away from the machinations of the global Kufr regimes. It is possible to say that all the rulers of the Muslims countries, their situation, is no different from that of the government in Kyrgyzstan, therefore, the solution to the problems of all of them is one; it is to embark rejecting the dictates of the Kuffar.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan