Press Release: Establish Khilafah End American Raj Raheel-Nawaz Regime is Exerting Pressure on Mujahideen to Strengthen US Occupation in Afghanistan


Press Release
Establish Khilafah End American Raj Raheel-Nawaz Regime is Exerting Pressure on Mujahideen to Strengthen US Occupation in Afghanistan

Raheel-Nawaz regime is exerting full pressure on Mujahideen who are fighting the American occupation of Afghanistan to strengthen America’s control over Afghanistan and establish American Raj in the region. At a time when America is in deep trouble because of a severe economic crisis and two long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and when the Kabul government is not in a position to defend US interests, Raheel-Nawaz regime has come forward to support the faltering American Raj in the region. In order to secure US interests the regime first initiated military operations in North Waziristan because Haqqani network and other Mujahideen fighting the US occupation of Afghanistan had bases in the area and then the Peshawar school attack was used as an excuse to produce the National Action Plan and widen the scope of the operations to every corner of the country. Alongside military operations, the regime is also pressurizing some factions of the Mujahideen to initiate negotiations with US to secure American influence in Afghanistan. Several visits from numerous military and political officials of the Raheel-Nawaz regime in recent months to Kabul had been made for this purpose.

This act of Raheel-Nawaz regime is a stab in the back of Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan. At a time when Muslims of the region are very close to defeating US evil designs because of their great sacrifices, once again traitors within the political and military leadership of Pakistan are strengthening the hands of the Kaffir crusaders instead of siding with Muslims. The US is in a precarious situation in Afghanistan, therefore Afghan officials and US lawmakers are demanding from the US president to alter the limited withdrawal time table which was previously announced by the US administration. US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter, during his recent visit to Kabul, indicated that Washington is ready to delay the closure of some bases and retain more troops in Afghanistan.

In recent days, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and US Secretary of State John Kerry have heaped praise on the Raheel-Nawaz regime’s efforts for establishing “peace” in Afghanistan. This is a clear sign that traitors within the political and military leadership of Pakistan have deployed all political and military resources to force Mujahideen to sit with US at the negotiation table and accept its terms and conditions. Hizbut Tahrir warns the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan and the sincere amongst the armed forces that this thinking is very dangerous that an agreement between US and Mujahidden will bring peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan. For those who think on these lines, the example of Iraq is in front of us where the blood of Muslims is being spilled cheaply on a daily basis. Peace can only be established in the region by expelling every form of US presence from this region and this can only happen through the establishment of Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood.

Shahzad Shaikh
Deputy to the Spokesman of Hizbut Tahrir
in Wilayah Pakistan