Press Release: Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Sudan Presents an Islamic Political Vision to Resolve the Issues of Darfur and Kordofan (Translated)

Press Release
Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Sudan
Presents an Islamic Political Vision to Resolve the Issues of Darfur and Kordofan

Foiling the projects of the colonialist Kaffir West… and exposing the policies of the successive secular regimes ruling Sudan … and adopting the interests of the great Islamic Ummah in Darfur and Kordofan… and because Hizb ut Tahrir, has vowed to be the trustworthy guardian of Islam and Muslims; in the presence of political and tribal leaders, intellectuals and the media, the party offers an Islamic political vision to address the issues of Darfur and Kordofan, at a workshop held – by Allah’s will – on Saturday, 14/03/2015 CE at the Friendship Hall, where the following papers will be presented:

1. The first paper entitled: “Hawakeer (lands traditionally used by a particular clan or tribal group) and the rulings of land in Sudan”. This paper presents points, most prominent: Hawakeer / Historical development of Hawakeer / Almaraheel (nomadic) / Islamic treatments for the issues of land and Hawakeer.

2. The second paper entitled: “The tribal entities and the return of Dahes and Al-Ghabraa”. This paper presents points, most prominent: The tribe and its position in the Islamic law / Tribal conflicts in the regions of Darfur and Kordofan / Islam and its eradication of tribalism / How Islam moulded the people into one Ummah to the exclusion of other people.

3. The third paper entitled: “Public Administration”. This paper presents points, most prominent: What is Public Administration / The origin of Public Administration and its relation to the English policy/ The seriousness of the idea of Public Administration/ Authority as a tool of taking care of the affairs and not as a spoil / The Administrative System in Islam.

4. The fourth paper entitled: “Islam is the only guarantee for a good life in obedience to Allah”. This paper presents points, most prominent: Islam is a political ideology which emanate from it the systems of life / A glance at the Ruling System in Islam; the Khilafah / A glance at the Economic System in Islam / A glance at the Social System in Islam / A practical political vision presented by Hizb ut Tahrir to resolve the issues of Darfur and Kordofan regions on the basis of the great Islam.

We invite everyone who is interested in the issues of the good people in Darfur and Kordofan, everyone of understanding and sensibility, and everyone seeking the truth and is questing light amid the darkness, to join the Hizb in this work in order to spread the treatments of the great Islam, so that they will find ample breasts to contain them…

Hizb ut Tahrir is determined to establish it, Khilafah Rashidah on the method of the Prophethood; following the guidance of the Prophet (saw) and his great righteous Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them, so that the edifice of the Khilafah becomes evident to the minds before it manifests in the eyes. So share with it this great reward and Allah is with you and He will never deprive you of the reward of your deeds.

وَلَيَنْصُرَنَّ اللَّهُ مَنْ يَنْصُرُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ
“And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.” [Al-Hajj: 40]

Ibrahim Othman (Abu Khalil)
Official Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Sudan