Press Release: The Baccalaureate and the Tragedy of a Failed System at All Levels

Press Release
The Baccalaureate and the Tragedy of a Failed System at All Levels

We call upon the government to rectify its order for new courses to pass the baccalaureate exam, and enough vain to the fate of our children as these actions came in a completely unsound context:

1.    It is an outcome of the horrific dictations of the International Monetary Fund, which will storm the country, the IMF wants to limit public spending on education and other services; and this requires restrictions on the ways to academic success.

2.    These decisions are arbitrary and pressing as well as being imposed, which is not the result of in-depth study, but it puts the cart before the horse; the corruption in the education system is composite and complex, and whoever wanted to reform has to start from the causes, not the results, and we have in this a detail and an alternative.

3.    The continued student demonstrations in the entire country will weaken the level of the school year, and it is unreasonable to condone them and disregard their demands. For students fall in many grievances, the least of which are not to do with the awful pressuring tutoring classes, the long programs that exceeded all international standards and the frequent leaks in exams.
Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Tunisia