Press Release : What Else is Expecting Peace for Syria through Putin, if not a Delirium?


Press Release

What Else is Expecting Peace for Syria through Putin, if not a Delirium?

Yesterday the 23rd World Energy Congress was held in Istanbul, and President Erdogan stated the following at his opening speech at the Congress, which was also joined by Russian leader Putin: “Distinguished heads of state, distinguished guests coming from all across the world, I am calling on you! Lets join forces to bring peace to Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East.” Following the Summit, Erdogan and Putin held a meeting to discuss the situation of Syria and Aleppo, and the Operation Euphrates Shield and subsequently held a joint press conference. Both leaders declared that they agree on developing cooperation on the issues of Syria and Iraq, and particularly on energy.

Media published en mass pictures of the warm attitudes between Erdogan and Putin, who visited Turkey for the first time after the plane crisis. This visit, which comes during a period where Russia continues its massacres in Syria and the Syrian regime levels Aleppo with the ground, is mocking the emotions and values of the Turkish and people and the whole Ummah. By inviting Putin to Turkey and making energy agreements, Erdogan sustains his duty as a conductor, as the Turkish people’s and the whole Ummah’s anger towards Putin is still continuing. The President thinks that the anger of the Muslims towards Putin will cool off through such initiatives. So we ask him; is Putin not the enemy of Islam and the Muslims? Is Russia not a colonial state that occupied Syria, Chechnya, Afghanistan and the Crimea? Have the news about the inhumane practices and slaughter in the occupied regions not reached you? Putin might be a valuable leader for you; however the Muslims will always know him as the enemy of Islam and the killer of Muslims. Expecting to bring tranquillity and peace to Syria and Iraq with child murderer Putin is a big delirium, for the Syrian people knows at leas as well as you that Putin is Obama’s associate.

While the President said,  “We talked about the Euphrates Shield operation and evaluated ways we can cooperate”, the Russian leader stated, “Together with the Turkish president we agreed to do everything to support de Misturas initiative on the withdrawal of military units, which refuse to lay down their arms…” These statements by the President and by Putin are the clear indicator for the Operation Euphrates Shield being carried out in cooperation with international forces. Because both Russia and the USA have supported the Operation Euphrates Shield. Consequently the Euphrates Shield is not a victory, but rather a conspiracy operation towards Aleppo. Here we ask; are these explanations not the proof for the conspiracy against Aleppo? Are these explanations not the confession of the proxy war fought together with Russia in order to implement the American solution plan in Syria.

O Muslims! The leaders of Turkey regard it an honor to shake the bloody hand of Putin despite his massacres in Aleppo. And they see the cooperation with Russia, the occupier of Syria and the Crimea, as a success in foreign politics. They depict providing common solutions with the enemies of Islam for the Muslim lands as a strategy. They deem conducting a proxy war in Jarablus on behalf of America a great victory. However; these their deeds hurts our hearts and the hearts of the people of Aleppo, Daraa, Idlib and Sham. We expose these conspiracies. And you must not allow these insidious plans to succeed. Help those who struggle to make Bilad as-Sham the centre of Dar al-Islam which will be the starting point for the Second Khilafah Rashidah (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Turkey

No : TR-BA-2016-MB-TR-029
Tuesday, 10th Muharram 1438 AH
11/10/2016 CE