Press Release : Why were defenders of human rights silent during violations of human rights and why they are not silent now?

Press Release
Why were defenders of human rights silent during violations of human rights and why they are not silent now?

Earlier we informed, that in 25 March 2015 during a documents check of US citizen Umar Faruk was detained by policemen of Osh. Policemen found with Umar Faruk copies of documents on criminal cases against members of Hizb ut Tahrir and they found DVDs with Islamic videos, which government considers as extremist and terrorist material.

Police established, that Umar Faruk collected information about the religious situation of Osh region without official permission.

During checking Umar Faruk said, that he took these copies of criminal cases from lawyer Valerian Vakhitov who works at Human Rights Movement Bir Duino – Kyrgyzstan (One World). Also policemen found business card of Khusanbay Saliev, manager of this organization, with Umar Faruk.

Osh City Court allowed the searching of houses and workplaces of Valerian Vakhitov and Khusanbay Saliev. As a result policemen found and took brochures, leaflets, DVDs and flash cards with religious content.

In an official press release, One World informs that during searches Secret Police officers confiscated data from criminal cases of the following:
– Lawyer Azimjan Askarov (imprisoned for life with the unjust charge for participation of ethnic conflict at 2010),
– Imam Kamalov Rashod (blamed as extremist and is detained),
– Bourulaay bint Rakhmongan (imprisoned with 3 month old child),
– Djumabaev Dilyarjon (beaten by Secret Police officers),
– Family of businessman Baibabaev (Secret Police officers extorted 20 thousand US dollars from them),
– Abidjanov Hakimjan and his elderly father (beaten by Secret Police officers).

By Osh City Court decision US citizen Umar Faruk was deported from Kyrgyzstan at March 28, 2015.
31 March 2015, there was a press conference at AKIPress Human Rights One World Movement against the illegal actions of Secret Police of Osh with participation of the following:
– Tolekan Ismailova – chairman of Human Rights One World Movement,
– Valerian Vakhitov – lawyer of One World Osh office,
– Khusanbai Saliev – lawyer, coordinator of One World Osh office,
– Edward Lee – associate professor of Bar Council of the Bar of the Kyrgyz Republic and
– Nurbek Toktakunov – director of the Public Association Partner Group Precedent.

Chairman One World Movement Tolekan Ismailova was worried about the pressure of Secret Police officers on citizens and said, “Until today in Kyrgyzstan there is no official legitimate structure, which can give competent decisions about extremist materials. And today we see, that Secret Police officers put into prison hundreds of people, against law. Often these people are poor and religious. And why Secret Police finding some books and brochures, considers them as extremist and lies to society that it “fights against extremism”.

Human rights activists think that government actions are against law. The State lied that two citizens of Kyrgyzstan (Djusupov A. and Ismailov S.) found by themselves that US citizen Umar Faruk was wanted in Russia and then informed Secret Police in the city of Osh about Faruk, which committed illegal activity in Osh. Based on this unreliable information, Osh City Court allowed for the searching of the lawyers’ offices and homes.

This is not the first time, when Osh City Court allowed searching based on assumptions. Specifically this Court allowed the searching of Sheikh Rashod Kori Kamalov house, who is known throughout Central Asia and the houses of 34 people on the same day. Then that Court allowed searching at house of Roshod Kori Kamalov based on unverified information, that some 25-year-old person gave some disk to one man in a taxi in Karasu, and another one informed Secret Police about this.

Perhaps the Ministry of Justice is on the wrong path. Or Secret Police takes complete control of the Ministry of Justice? Maybe government manages this process and compels to operate all structures of state towards one direction in the sense of George Orwell? Or Secret Police and Ministry of Justice hold the big power in order to operate independently and government cannot control them?

Illegal actions during search and arrest are occurring against hundreds of people in all of Kyrgyzstan, like abovementioned. Often ordinary people not know their rights, usually only lawyers know. Human rights organization should protect ordinary Muslims as well as they protect lawyers.

Forces which found that state actions to the lawyers are against the law excellently know, that during many years state makes strong actions against members of Hizb ut Tahrir. But no one from the Human Rights Movements organize press conferences for protection the members of Hizb ut Tahrir or other Muslims. And now when, Allah willing, these Human Rights Movements are in similar a case and they consider this case as “against Human Rights”.

Political side of this case.
Secret Police of Kyrgyzstan carried out severe actions against America. Atambaev followed Putin’s instructions during a visit to states of the European Union. And involved the states of EU to some projects at Kyrgyzstan. A project was made against politics of hegemony of America. Because this American hegemony has a very negative influence on Russia and EU. According to this project, Kyrgyzstan is a loophole to export EU goods to Russia to bypass sanctions against Russia. Of course this is good for governments of Kyrgyzstan, Russia and EU. But America started to act against this project but the main impact will be made directly to Kyrgyzstan. In such case Russia will not be able to help to Kyrgyzstan. That is why Russia began to use Secret Police of Kyrgyzstan, like incidents with lawyers from Human Rights One World Movement. This means that Russia directly interferes in the internal affairs of Kyrgyzstan.

In turn America placed some pressures against Kyrgyzstan. America tried to direct Secret Police against Islam and Muslims by the “Islamic terrorists” project to have them hate Hizb ut Tahrir. It was clear from the messages the Kyrgyz Service of Radio Azattyk sponsored by America and the silence of Human Rights Organizations. Meanwhile America and other imperialist states and their servants fully know that Hizb ut Tahrir do not use military activity.

The Radio Azattyk circulated artificial panic of Islamic danger that motived Kyrgyz official broadcasting companies to take this direction against Islam and Muslims. And non-government organizations did not protect Muslims. Only after a press conference in Bishkek, it became clear that were many violations of human rights against Muslims.

It means America by directing the Kyrgyz government against Muslims waited for a response from Muslims. That is America wanted acts of Islamic protests and violations. America did acts in order to isolate or kill such leaders of Muslims like Sheikh Rashod kori Kamalov, Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf, members of Hizb ut Tahrir, which have possibilities to prevent realization of evil plans of the United States. We can say, that America carries out all acts against Islam and Muslims.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan