Press Announcement: The Resumption of Al Raya Newspaper’s Publication: Hizb ut Tahrir’s Official Newspaper

The Resumption of Al Raya Newspaper’s Publication: Hizb ut Tahrir’s Official Newspaper

The Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir is pleased to announce the resumption of the publication of Al Raya Newspaper, the weekly political newspaper issued by Hizb ut Tahrir, addressing the issues of the Islamic Ummah through presentation and analysis. The first issue of the newspaper was issued in Thul Qidah 1373 AH corresponding to July 1954 CE, the newspaper continued to be published weekly every Wednesday morning and produced up to fourteen issues in number, proclaiming the haqq and pronouncing the truth. It deliberated the political situation and addressed it from the perspective of Islam; it was armed with the word of truth, however, it was heavy on the oppressors exceeding the weight of shells and rockets. The Jordanian regime could not tolerate the impact of the word of truth, especially when the Hizb and its newspaper opposed the law of preaching and guidance intended to prevent the party’s members and all the faithful from giving lessons in mosques, the law that was issued by the Jordanian Interior Minister by the orders of Glubb Pasha the Jordanian army commander at the time. Thus the oppressors have conspired against the newspaper and banned its publication after the fourteenth issue.

And now the dawn of Al Raya returns to shine once again, with its fifteenth edition which was released by the praise and the blessings of Allah on Wednesday the thirteenth of Jumada I 1436 AH, corresponding to 04/03/2015 CE, to be by the permission of Allah, a light that shines on the road of reform, and a fire that burns corruption, and a glad tiding, by the permission of Allah, of the eminent time to raise the banner of Al ‘Uqab; the banner of truth and justice so that the Muslims will be shaded under in the second guided Khilafah State in upon the method of Prophethood, may it be soon.

The eminent Scholar Sheikh Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah, may Allah protect him, gave a speech marking the resumption of publication, entitled: “Al Raya’s Welcome… Memory and Glad Tidings”. He mentioned in it the reality of the newspaper when it was first issued, and some of what was published in the past issues, “asking Allah (swt) that the publication of the paper will be a sweet memory to the initial publication and glad tidings that brings joy to the breasts of the imminent establishment of the Khilafah after it seems like it is established in principle”.

The newspaper published the full text of the speech of the Ameer of the Hizb – may Allah protect him- in the opening of the Khilafah Conference, “Democratic Presidential Model, or Khilafah Rashidah?” which was held in Istanbul yesterday, Tuesday, 03/03/2015 CE.

Also it included a statement of the reality of the World Women’s Conference “Women and Shariah: Separating Fact from Fiction” to be held by the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir on the 28th of this month, and the campaign that preceded it to separate between fact and fiction with regards to women.

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Osman Bakhach
Director of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir