Press Release: Egyptian Regime on the Way of the Jordanian Regime It Moves its Aircrafts to begin its Open Participation in the International Coalition against “Terrorism”

Egyptian Regime on the Way of the Jordanian Regime
It Moves its Aircrafts to begin its Open Participation in the International Coalition against “Terrorism”

Just a few hours after the speech of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday evening, 15/02/2015, vowing to retaliate against the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) for the execution of 21 Coptic Egyptians; the Egyptian warplanes struck sites and targets belonging to ISIS in Libya, on the dawn of Monday16/02/2015. A statement by the Egyptian army indicated that the air strike came in implementation of the resolutions of the “National Defense Council in the framework of responding to criminal acts of terrorist organizations inside and outside Egypt”. The raids came hours after the confirmation of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, through contact with one of the Egyptian private channels, that he does not object to the Egyptian army to respond and direct retaliatory strikes aimed at what he called the terrorists in the Libyan cities.

Hence, it had achieved what America had been planning for months, to involve the Egyptian army in the Libyan dilemma that has defied America and its agent there, Haftar. And what was done in secret yesterday, which the Egyptian regime could not announce, instead it denied carrying out any strikes in the Libyan interior in support for the American agent there, Khalifa Haftar, it became public today. Rather also with a popular blessing, after ISIS gave the justification needed by the regime to intervene openly and publicly, to support the empowerment of American agents to control over the situation in Libya. As if America saw in cloning the experiment of dragging Jordan to the real and effective participation in its crusade alliance against the Muslims in Syria, a good thing. Especially after the killing of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS that was mischievously and wittingly invested by the regime in Jordan to show its people as if it was fighting in defense of their country and preserve their lives.

What is done by ISIS of the slaughter of these workers is denounced and is not permissible in the law of Allah, which the organization claims to apply. As well as it serves the enemies of the Ummah and in their interest and helps them in the implementation of their schemes to strike against Islam and Muslims, under the pretext of fighting terrorism which they manufactured. It is also unacceptable to remain silent on a regime that joins America in its alleged war against terrorism and its vindictive crusade alliance against Islam and Muslims. Instead the Egyptian army officers and soldiers must be aligned to the choice of the Ummah of arbitrating the Shariah of Allah under the true Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood that will eliminate the Kaffir West from our country and preserve the blood of its citizens, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Yes, the establishment of the righteous Khilafah State on the method of the Prophethood; truly, it alone will put issues into perspective. And it will protect the blood of its citizens, Muslims and non-Muslims, preserve the wealth of the Ummah, safeguard its holy sites, and bring it into the arena of the international conflict properly and effectively for the benefit of Islam and Muslims and the embodiment of the high values of Islam. Simultaneously, it will spoil for the cunning Western countries their sedition amongst groups of Muslims and their people. It will ward off their treachery against the Ummah and their malicious policies that make anomalous situations that drag Muslims from one trap to another and from one slide to another where they can conquer them. The Prophet (saw) said, «إنما الإمام جنة يقاتل من ورائه ويتقى به» “Indeed, the Imam is a shield, you are protected by him and fight from behind him.” (Saheeh Muslim)

(وَإِنْ تَصْبِرُوا وَتَتَّقُوا لَا يَضُرُّكُمْ كَيْدُهُمْ شَيْئًا إِنَّ اللَّهَ بِمَا يَعْمَلُونَ مُحِيطٌ)
“And if you are patient and fear Allah, their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed, Allah is encompassing of what they do”. [Al-i-Imran: 120]

Sharif Zayed
Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Egypt