Press Release: “Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls” Bill in Tunisia; Seemingly Compassionate on the Surface But Oppressive in Reality

“Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls” Bill in Tunisia;
Seemingly Compassionate on the Surface But Oppressive in Reality

Recently there have been many discussions regarding the bill: “”Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls “. It is considered as a great gain and certain parties are working for it to be approved.

Will this project deliver and bring about the solution to the suffering of women in Tunisia from woes and crisis? Would it be able to eliminate the direct and indirect causes of violence in reality?

These are serious and urgent questions that we must find indepth and enlightened answers for, to be truly from those who engage in women’s issues through awareness and insight. And do not be like those who called for previous laws that they have deemed as huge gains and historical achievements yet still remain blind in their transgression, while women are left to suffer the weight of their pain with their situation worsening day by day.

Due to the shocking rates of violence against women in Tunisia, the issue can no longer afford to be traded with, but we must strive to stand to find the real cause of the disease and eradicate it. However unfortunately there are official bodies and associations that claim that they are concerned with women’s burdens and their defense, but they have been exposed and have revealed their falsehood and that they prey on women’s agonies and carry bright slogans used to implement malicious agendas with poison hidden within it.

The bill: ”Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls” is an evil project adding insult to injury; studying it deeply will make one realize that its content and objectives are catastrophic, hiding behind the attractive logo of ”Elimination of Violence”.

Because we are truly concerned with women’s issues built upon awareness and possess an alternative derived from the Revelation; we will stand on the lookout for such projects driven by the West through local hands.

In this context, we will organize many events including dialogue sessions to expose the project, striving to confront and account the official body that promotes it.
In this context we invite you to attend the dialogue session on Saturday, 24 January 2015 CE in the Africa Hotel in the capital at two o’clock in the afternoon under the slogan “Stop Trading with Women’s Issues” to discuss the bill and to expose its truth, and the objectives of the parties behind it, and the local “tools” who implement it, and how to address it, as well as the real solution to all women’s problems derived from the great Islam.

Women’s Section
in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir