Press Release: Going to Extremes in the Neglect of People’s Welfare and in the Pleasing of the British Company; The Government Uses Power on Kerkennah

Press Release

Going to Extremes in the Neglect of People’s Welfare and in the Pleasing of the British Company

The Government Uses Power on Kerkennah


Some days ago the island Kerkennah witnessed a situation of severe contempt as a result of the government’s insistence on using the security forces in the handling of the jobseekers that were striking outside the British company “Petrofac”. After a strike that lasted several months in which the protesters demanded the reactivation of a previous agreement, which a representative from the government participated in achieving, the families viewed the arrival of security support not seen before that all opportunities were made possible. Even though the strikers dispersed the security forces arrested a number of them, which makes it clear that the government only knows the security solution in the handling of unemployment and other society issues – especially when the matter has to do with the welfare of a British petroleum company.

The use of power in the handling of the protesters’ requests assures that this government has responded to the instigational media attack lead by the British company’s CEO in the last period where he, in several newspapers and in general and private broadcastings, has declared that the state should take responsibility for the company’s security so that is can carry out its work, he also hinted that the company might be an aim for terrorist acts if the government does not intervene.

The government’s insistence on the use of force against the protesters confirms that it is not able to present any solution for the social problems that the country is suffering under – unemployment being the most important one, even if it is only the case of few people as in the island of Kerkennah. In return the government is able to move convoys of security forces on land and sea for the sake of arresting the protesters and going to extremes to humiliate and silence them and to protect the interest of the capitalistic and imperialistic company that plunders the country’s wealth.

In front of this tyranny and indifference, we in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Tunisia call upon all the honourable and wise to stand with the humiliated who demand their right and to account the rulers of Tunisia for their continuing negligence of the caretaking of people’s affairs. Not performing this act will encourage them to continue further on the path of these politics that will cause the destruction and ruin of the country. These events will only increase our determination to work for the establishment of the Khilafah system upon the method of the Prophethood, which will ensure people their right share of the country that has been plundered the past many years.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Tunisia

Issue No.: 20/1437
07/04/2016 CE
Thursday, 01st Rajab 1437 AH