Press Release: The Government’s Instruction to the Media to Campaign against Hizbut Tahrir Reflects the Frustration and Desperateness of the Government

The Government’s Instruction to the Media to Campaign against Hizbut Tahrir Reflects the Frustration and Desperateness of the Government

On Sunday, 22 February 2015, the government issued a statement to the media via the Press Information Department instructing the media to carry out propaganda campaign against Hizbut Tahrir and its activities. In response to this we in Hizbut Tahrir, state that in 2009 the government issued a circular banning the party and thereafter it issued many other statements, along with carrying out repressive measures against us but they did not succeed in deterring the party. Now it is seeking the help of the media in doing that which it failed in doing by itself. It is nothing short of a desperate attempt by the government and their masters out of their increasing fear and frustration about the impact of the party’s Call and activities. And our on-going campaign, which is being highly supported by all sectors of the society, has turned out to be a big headache for the government and its Western masters due to which such craziness are being observed from them. The campaign is titled, “Oh People! For the immediate removal of Sheikh Hasina and the current ruling system, and establishing the Khilafah, the sincere military officers have to be contacted and organized; support and actively participate with Hizbut Tahrir in this work.”

We call upon the sincere ones in the Media: Do not be misled by the lies of a government that is acting in desperation from seeing the overall success of Hizbut Tahrir. Do not discredit yourselves by following a government which has no creditability in the eyes of the people. And do not lend your hand to a government which the people want to see its downfall and that will be soon insha’Allah; therefore do not be on the wrong side of history. Most importantly, as Muslims, you have to work for and aid the Islamic cause of establishing the Khilafah rather than aiding this regime’s work against Islam. If you cannot be an active participant in the work for advancing the cause of Islam, then at the very least abstain from false speech against it at the behest of the government.

And to the sincere and courageous Officers we say: The government realizes that you are a Muslim army, Islam is deeply rooted in you; and the Khilafah is also your demand just like the people due to which Hizbut Tahrir is expanding within you and will soon reach its goal inevitably insha’Allah i.e. the removal of the ruling regime and establishment of the Khilafah. Therefore rush to provide your Nusrah (material support) to Hizbut Tahrir in establishing the Islamic rule. Hurry to gain the Good in the Dunya – the honour of being the Ansar for establishing the Khilafah; and the Good in the Akhira – the reward of Jannah for being the Ansar for establishing the Khilafah, insha’Allah.

Media Office of Hizbut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh