The Catholic Church ought to know that Secularism is the Cardinal Foe of Religion

The Catholic Church ought to know that Secularism is the Cardinal Foe of Religion

The world leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is on a papal visit in Africa for a five-day tour. While in Kenya, the Pope held talks with various religious denomination leaders pertaining to interfaith and unity amongst various faiths. He also condemned terrorism and called out political leaders to shun political strife and wrangles and instead preach peace and harmony. The theme is meant to be emphasized in his visit to Uganda. The Catholic leader will eventually wind up his tour in Central Africa Republic, a country overshadowed by war between the dominantly Christian government soldiers and a Seleka Muslim minority group that led to the nefarious and brutal lynching of innocent Muslims.

The Islamic political party, Hizb ut Tahrir East Africa, would like to expound on this papal tour as follows:

 The discussions between various religious denominations and faiths, is a western concept that has no roots in Islam. This concept emanates from the secularist creed of separation of religion from the state and incurring upon man the authority of enacting laws and canons instead of those of Allah. This is a vicious concept, which is always employed by the western imperialist to instigate erroneous concepts about Islam. The main objective is to seduce Muslims to abandon their Islam as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (saw), and instead embrace a new secular ideology. We are not astonished by the fact that the Pope chaired these talks, because he himself and his predecessors, willingly accepted to swallow the detrimental and destructive venom of secularism which intoxicated him to the extent of incurring upon himself the power of enacting laws for his followers. Indeed, secularism is so endemic in his denomination; to the extent some of his padres publically declare themselves to be gays or bisexuals shamelessly!  What really saddens us is the pathetic demonstration by some Muslim leaders, may Allah Taalah guide them, who participated on the podium, meant to mislead Muslims from their religion under the guise of interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance.

The conflict between different religions is not caused by Islam, but the colonial ideology and its secular regimes that always instigate antagonism. Here in Kenya, the Muslim community has no history of forcing Christians to embrace their values, nevertheless the church has always been preaching hate against the Kadhis court (Islamic courts) and prohibiting the Muslim female students from wearing the headscarf worn by Muslims. We also know that Pope Francis intentionally forgets that the democratic leaders are the ones who plant this tribal and regional hatred which have eventually turned Africa into a battlefield. All the blames and accusations of conflicts and rifts ought to be pinned on the imperialist ideology and its democratic political system not Islam. Despite the fact that Catholics responded to the call of Pope Benedict to wage crusade wars against Muslims in the 10th century, when they fell under the sublime Islamic rule of Khilafah, non were coerced to embrace Islam, despite the fact that Catholics values bear conspicuous contradiction against Islam.

As for the condemnation of terrorism, we would have showered Pope with congratulations and standing ovations, had he in his recent American tour, condemned and rebuked that state and asked it to withdraw its military personnel from the Middle East, where they conduct atrocious and ferocious acts of terrorism! Certainly, this invasion is the root cause of what they term as terrorism. We would like to emphasize that, after the destruction of the Soviet Union by America, that eventually led to the collapse of socialism/communism at the end of 1980s of the last century, the pride of America has rocketed, tempting it to wage war against the Islamic ideology, which with no doubt, is on the verge of re-establishing its State soon and will lead the world. Hence America has employed all the puppet regimes globally, including different associations to help build convenient public opinion to favour their erroneous stand against Islam.

Finally, we would like to say that this papal visit, is nothing more than an insidious attempt to bamboozle people to continue to be taken hostages by the heinous capitalist ideology. At the same time, venting lamentations on Islam and Muslims, in an endeavor to hinder them from propagating it as a surrogate ideology to capitalism potent to liberate the entire world from the bloody claws of capitalism.

Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir

in East Africa