Press Release: Instead of Returning to Islam to Look after the People’s Welfare, The Regime in Jordan Intensifies its Viciousness and Oppression to People

Press Release

Instead of Returning to Islam to Look after the People’s Welfare

The Regime in Jordan Intensifies its Viciousness and Oppression to People


After the regime in Jordan led the people to what they are facing of subjugation, indigence, and a miserable life because they turned away from the system of Islam in which lies the salvation for the people and the country, and the solutions to economic and other problems, and in it is all goodness. And as a result of the regime’s application of the rotten and staggering capitalist economic system which causes human misery, and of its nature the provocation of economic and humanitarian problems as well as financial crises, also of its nature to serve the capital owners and increase their wealth and their control and dominion over the lands, while the poor increase in poverty, oppression and humiliation. And as a result of its devastating and deadly capitalist economic policies and procedures that are dictated by the World Bank, and because of the protected and widespread corruption throughout all the aspects of the state, and after it emptied the pockets of the people in Jordan by taxes and price hikes, and after it enabled its henchmen and criminals to rob the people’s living, as well as its long history of caring for corruption and turning a blind eye to the external corrupt, corruptors and thieves who are in place of influence and power in the land and on the people, and the officials who are oppressing the people by being close to the regime, after all these crimes committed against the land and the people, and after all the flawed and shameful negligence in looking after the affairs of the people, the regime’s government is suppressing the rights holders of the unemployed in the District of Theban, and had even gone so far to use force from the on start without caring about anything even children, women, elderly, the sick and students. Doesn’t this regime know that one of the first obligations of States is to provide work for people? Indeed it knows, but it is helpless and paralyzed for providing effective solutions to the people suffering in this country of good people, doesn’t this regime know that what is required by the protestors sitting in a tent to provide them work is but a legitimate and natural right for them!?

What kind of care is this for which the rights owners are suppressed?! What kind of abhorrent, absurd, and destructive policy does the regime’s government adopt against the unemployed, the people of Theban, and indeed against the people of the country as a whole? Under what legal or political or administrative bond are the people of rights suppressed and subjugated? Or does the Mulqi government hold in its agenda igniting the country and appending it to the rest of the arenas of destruction, devastation and blood in the area?

The regime’s Government has exceeded all limits with its repressive proceedings and disregard to the people and rights holders, under the pretext of maintaining the prestige of the state, what kind of prestige is the regime and its government and henchmen talking about while they are bowing their heads in front of America’s orders?! What kind of prestige is the regime’s government talking about while they are succumbing in humiliation to the dictates of the World Bank?

We call unto the honorable true men of this country to take on the hands of the regime, and hold them accountable politically for what they are doing to the people of this country of good people so as not to drag the country (Allah forbid) to arenas of devastation, destruction and blood in the region.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Jordan

Sunday, 21st Ramadan 1437 AH
26/06/2016 CE
No: 29/37