Press Release: The Regime in Jordan Drags the Country into Arenas of Ruin and Destruction in the Region!

The Regime in Jordan Drags the Country into Arenas of Ruin and Destruction in the Region!


Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday 14/11/2015 during a joint press conference with the American Secretary for State John Kerry and United Nations Envoy Staffan De Mistura at the end of the Vienna meeting said: “The participants in the Vienna meeting about Syria have agreed for Jordan to coordinate the efforts to put down a list of terrorist groups in Syria”. Lavrov also announced at the same time the establishing of a Russian Centre for Information gathering in Amman to support the Russian efforts to counter terrorism. Lavrov had already announced on 23/10/2015 during his brief meeting with the Jordanian foreign minister Nasir Jawdah in Vienna, the setting up of a centre of coordination in Amman, to exchange information about the counter terrorism operations. He expressed himself to the journalists in Vienna saying that: “The Jordanian and Russian armed forces have agreed to coordinate their operations including operations of the air force above Syria”. This was just before the four-way meeting in Vienna which Jordan had not been invited to despite the presence of its foreign minister in Vienna at the same time just to listen to this announcement of Lavrov!

Despite the reality of this role that has been given to Jordan being a functional and lowly one and even though the regime has been treated like an employee of the lowest ranks the regime has nevertheless considered this work to be heroic. This was quoted by the minister of the state for media and communications, the spokesman for the government, Muhammad Al-Muminy, when he said that this role being given to Jordan is evidence of: “The relations (or ties) of friendship that bind it with the rest of the world’s states, the clarity of its vision in respect to the war against terrorism and the courage to express this vision strongly and firmly”. So is cooperating with the powers of Kufr to put down the blessed revolution in Shaam and to bring down the Ummah’s project for revival represented in the establishment of the true Khilafah upon the methodology of the Prophethood heroic or an act of valour?! And does performing these dirty secretarial actions reflect an expression of standing and respect?!

The regime in Jordan’s acceptance to undertake this criminal conspiring role only indicates its being consumed in the service of the powers of Kufr and colonial tyranny that seeks to subjugate the Muslims and degrade them so that they remain in control of the capabilities of their lands, dominating over them and drawing out the lines for their future in a way that prevents their revival upon the basis of Islam. The regime in Jordan, its political medium and its security apparatus will carry the responsibility of the lives of the Muslims that will be taken and they will be questioned about the blood that will be spilt at the hands of the Kufr powers and their colonial oppression and darkness. That is because the list that the regime will coordinate amongst all the parties to prepare will be in accordance to the criteria of the disbelieving states which view an imminent danger in Islam that threatens them. So it created the terrorism terminology and indeed it is the creator of terrorism, in order to combat Islam as a system of life and prevent the Muslims from achieving their project for revival and regaining their honour as represented in the Khilafah State upon the methodology of the Prophethood.

O Muslims in Jordan:

The regime realises that it is bringing destruction to the people and that it is gambling with the interest of the Muslims and their capabilities and resources in Jordan for the sake of preserving the pleasure and contentment of the disbelieving West. They have therefore offered the land and its people to the powers of disbelief and tyranny at the expense of their Deen and their lands. So grab hold of yourselves by undertaking the political work to stop the regime before it makes you partners to the disbelieving West in shedding the blood of your brothers. Indeed your Prophet (saw) has said: «لا يزالُ المؤمنُ في فسحةٍ من دينِه، ما لم يصبْ دمًا حرامًا» “The believer will still remain within a place of his Deen as long as he does not spill Haraam blood”. Therefore let Allah see from you that which is pleasing to him by working to give victory to His cause and His Deen. That will be through the application of His Sharia and the resumption of the Islamic life through the establishment of the Khilafah State that Allah promised us and which the Messenger of Allah (saw) has given us glad tidings that it will be upon the path of the Prophethood.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Jordan