Press Release: Passing the General Budget Law for the Year 2017 is a Great Crime and a Violation of the Poor’s Livelihood

Press Release

Passing the General Budget Law for the Year 2017 is a Great Crime and a Violation of the Poor’s Livelihoods


Passing the general budget law by the Jordanian House of Representatives for the year 2017 after a farce of a discussion was not a surprise. People only expect from parliaments – throughout its history – to give confidence to the successive governments, and to exercise legislation and pass oppressive laws, including the budget law, which are all great crimes. The role practiced by the House of Representatives achieves the goal they were established for: to give legitimacy to the regime’s crimes, and despite the fact that the darkness indulges more than ever from the regime. This time the darkness got more than what it wanted when the House of Representatives granted Al-Mulki’s government a green light to take from the bodies of the poor and suck their blood and rob them of their livelihoods!

The budget of Al-Mulki’s government is a tax budget. The direct tax revenues  was estimated at 5.201 billion dinars and this constitutes 70.8% of the total local revenues estimated for the year 2017, and an increase of 865 million dinars from 2016, according to indicative figures published in the budget for the year 2018 and 2019, the taxes also will rise in 2018 by 783 million dinars and in 2019 CE by 1.698 billion dinars respectively. That is the series of strangulation (of the people) will escalate, and all this is stealing from the pockets of the people in spite of the deteriorating economic situation and the tight living and the high cost of prices and higher direct and indirect taxes, as well as the poor state of public services, which is supposed to be provided by governments to the people, like health, education, transport and other public services.

O Muslims in Jordan:

Despite the natural resources that Allah (swt) bestowed on us in Jordan, yet this wealth is looted and wasted. If we look at the apparent and declared wealth only, we will find that it is sufficient to fill the need and raise the standard of living allowing people to live in luxury. Jordan has the second largest source of phosphate and is the sixth largest producer in the world, and the volume of shale reserves in the Kingdom ranges between 40 to 70 billion tons. An amount that could meet the needs of the Kingdom’s energy (depending on the size of the current consumption for the coming millennium years, at least) as well as potash, copper and other great wealth. The policy pursued by the regime in Jordan is the sale of these public properties cheaply under the name of privatization, and then it robs of the people’s pockets, extending its hands for loans and international aid, leaving the people of Jordan, subject to the colonising Kaffir West, and subject to the policies of the International Monetary Fund!

O Muslims in Jordan:

The economic suffering that you experience, and the state of poverty and destitution enveloping you are the result of the absence and preventing of the system of Islam from the reality of our lives, which is the inevitable result of the implementation of the rotten capitalist system over you. It is a system that causes suffering to all people in the world, due to its criminal nature of exploitation of people and sucking their blood and causing their impoverishment, and plundering their wealth and their enslavement and in controlling the present and future of the world.

The problem in Jordan is not only the corruption of the rulers and their looting of wealth and the inability in governing and management, but also in the corruption of the system implemented by these rulers, which they run the country by, so you suffer the corruption of the rulers and their inability as well as the regime’s corruption and criminality, and the solution lies in a radical change of the corrupt regime and those who support it at once.

O Muslims in Jordan:

Allah (swt) chose for us and for humanity as a whole the system of Islam. He (swt) knows best what is fit for human beings of systems that organizes their lives in governance and economic, and social affairs, so rush towards your Deen that Allah (swt) chose for you, and work with the sincere ones to establish your only political legitimate entity – which will implement upon the rules of your Deen. And stand in the face of aspirants craving in (the wealth) your country and conspiring against your present and future – this is your state, the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood, Allah’s promise and glad-tiding of the Messenger (saw).


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Jordan

Saturday, 23rd Rabii’ Il 1438 AH
21/01/2017 CE
No: 08/38