Press Release: The Political System in Lebanon is Worn out and Deeply Corrupt; and will not be saved by the Ratio Based System

Press Release

The Political System in Lebanon is Worn out and Deeply Corrupt; and will not be saved by the Ratio Based System


The Lebanese Authority backed by America is trying through the adoption of the election law on ratio basis to renew the worn out political system, by opening the way to some of the independents to enter the parliament, and by fooling the people of the country who have generally lost faith in this government that there is a chance for a prosperous life in the Lebanese entity.

The reality of the democratic system of government is that it subjects the state resources to the whims of the controlling political power from political parties and movements. Democracy gives these parties and movements more political power, political weight and power that influence the legislative authority. Thus, under a democratic system, the interests of those who are influencing the political pressure are guaranteed. Thus, the electoral law in Lebanon was drafted first and foremost to guarantee the interests of the current authority.

Politicians’ statements about improving representation are all nonsense.

Elections under the democratic system are often a means of reproducing the system itself, and Lebanon is no exception in this area. This authority will remain as it is. If some lose a few seats to other parties or to the so-called independents, these independents do not have any powers, and thus their presence becomes merely a cosmetic accessory of the current government. This authority will maintain its privileges as it is after the elections, and state institutions and looting boxes will remain in their hands. The political system will remain the same, and the country will have little change.

The Lebanese entity, apart from lacking the basic elements of the state and not being able to carry out its own powers, it is subject to the colonial powers, led by the state of terrorism America. It is no secret to every rational mind that America controls the most important facilities of the state directly and without reference to its agents and employees in political authority. A month does not pass without a visit of a US military delegation or a tour of the US ambassador or a visit of a member or president of the committee in the US Congress, to be followed by appointments in sensitive posts or security action.

The basis of America’s policy in Lebanon is no different from that of the region. America declared war on Muslims and used all its agents for this war. The Lebanese state apparatus are used to serve America’s war on Islam. The United States used Iran and its Hezb in Lebanon to serve its interests inside Syria and on the Lebanese border. America also used the movement of the President of the Republic, whose president has been spreading hatred and racism among the people, trying to gain some support at the expense of their opponents, having cheated his followers with empty slogans such as reform and change.

Under this followed policy, the recent electoral law was founded. It is a continuation of the American war against Muslims.

O Muslims in Lebanon:

As we warn you from participating in these elections and for many reasons, we call upon you to wring your hands from this secular and sectarian regime at the same time, and from its political symbols of its sectarian leaders, and to look forward to your unity with your Ummah, which is spread all over the world, to be part of the process of comprehensive change and the resumption of the Islamic life. Will you respond?

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Lebanon

20/06/2017 CE
Tuesday, 25th Ramadan 1438 AH
No: H.T.L 15/38