Press Release: Spotlight on the Campaign: “Muslim Youth: the Pioneers of Real Change”

Press Release

Spotlight on the Campaign: “Muslim Youth: the Pioneers of Real Change”


The Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir launched a global campaign entitled “Muslim Youth: the Pioneers of Real Change“:

  1. To put an end to the pursuit of the colonial West and its accomplices to keep young Muslims away from their Deen and their creed, and to consolidate the separation of Islam from politics, but from the whole of life, to ensure the dominance of the capitalist systems and the continued colonization of Islamic countries and the subjugation of their people.
  2. To expose the devious methods that have been developed to implement the Western schemes targeting the Muslim youth, and the most dangerous and insidious is the secularization of education curricula and the media’s glorification of Western culture and the western life style, and distortion of the values of Islam and to present it in a mutilated distorted image by associating it with extremism and terrorism.
  3. To deepen the awareness among the youth that the situation of loss, marginalization, and domination of the colonizer, that they face is a result of their deliberate removal from their Deen, through a Western education policy that is strange and fools them that Islam has nothing to do with their lives and their issues. And it makes them revere their colonizers and despise their culture and their Deen.
  4. To show that the Islamic creed is a correct creed based on definite evidence and through the systems that emanate from it, it is alone that can establish real change in the world, and that alone it will save it from the evils of capitalism and crimes.
  5. That our youth adopt the Islamic creed with full awareness and the comprehensive systems emanating from it for all walks of life (political, economic, social, educational and …), and to carry Islam with the pride of the believer in his Creator, and who has full confidence in the victory of Allah (swt) and support to stand up to the systematic crusades of Western campaigns against Islam and the workers to resume the Islamic way of life.
  6. By Islam alone, our Muslims’ youth can become the pioneers of real change in this world.

In conclusion, we like to point out the importance of this campaign in terms of the practical reality, as it answers burning questions to our revolting youth against the colonizer and its agents, they are answers that do not guarantee the improvement of status quo only, and does not present solutions and ways of development and progress on the economic and social levels only, but it elevate them to make them responsible for saving mankind from capitalism. And the establishment of the system of Islam, which is revealed by Allah (swt) as a mercy to mankind, to drive them from the worship of people to the worship the Lord of mankind, and from the injustice of the current manmade systems to the justice and mercy of Islam.


Women’s Section in the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

Wilayah of Tunisia

24/04/2016 CE
Issue No.: 22/1437
Sunday, 17th Rajab 1437 AH