Press Release: The Economic Depression in Afghanistan; An Outcome of Implementation of Capitalism by its Occupiers and Colonizers

The Economic Depression in Afghanistan; An Outcome of Implementation of Capitalism by its Occupiers and Colonizers

Gallup pollsters organization, recently published a report that shows 67% of Afghans believe that the decrease of economic growth and increase in unemployment are greater menaces than armed battles in Afghanistan.

Colonialism by imposing the economic system of capitalism and free market “let the market do its work” slogan in last thirteen years has not brought anything except murder, crisis, corruption, prostitution, injustice, establishing different social classes, unemployment, poverty, monopoly, mafia, etc. to the people of Afghanistan in which 10% of Afghan capitalists hold more than 90% of total wealth in the country. Poverty and unemployment has taken its rampages. Colonialism made the economy of Afghanistan dependent to themselves where the Afghan government is unable to sponsor the normal budget and pay the salaries of its own employees if not assisted and supported by its invaders.

In Afghanistan, it is not the only problem, as in accordance to the most recent report published by Oxfam, the international assistance delivery organization: by 2016, only 1% of the wealthiest individuals in the world will be richer than the rest of all of the global population [99%]. According to this report the realities are more stark because the assets of 80 wealthiest individuals are equivalent to 3.5 billion poor people’s assets.

The only reason all of these miseries, afflictions and disasters have originated upon the Muslim and Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan is the implementation of capitalism and state laws. Therefore, the capitalist economic system has not solved the problems of Afghan people, but also have increased their severity and complexity. The fact this system has even failed, defeated and doomed in its birthplace, the West. Therefore, the financial and social crises, which is the result of implementation of this system, has exhausted the people of the West too, and caused a public disgust from this system.

In contrast, Islam, which is a system from the Creator of humans, universe and life, has been mandated to implement the Sharia laws in all aspects of life, among others including the economic sector. The history stands to the fact that the economic system of Islam has solved the economic and the social problems through the distribution of wealth between people with a best method, and brings a venerable and honorable life free from class differences amongst the people.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Afghanistan