Press Release: Mukalla Bombings are Pressure on Hadi and his Government to Approve the UN Roadmap

Press Release

Mukalla Bombings are Pressure on Hadi and his Government to Approve the UN Roadmap


The city of Mukalla in Hadramout province was traumatized on the evening of Monday, 22 of Ramadan 1437 AH, corresponding to 27 June 2016, by a series of criminal explosions that targeted a number of military and security points of the Army of Al-Nukhba Al-Hadrami who are pro-Hadi and his government in the city of Mukalla, as well as the headquarters of the Hadramout brigade camp in Fuwa area (military intelligence building previously). The attack led to the deaths of dozens of army personnel who are pro-Hadi and his government, and wounding others. The assailants took advantage of the moment of the army personnel gathering at Iftar time of that day of the month of the holy month of Ramadan to commit this crime, while the so-called “ISIS” declared responsibility for these bombings as per some media websites, while bombings took place previously in the city of Mukalla targeting recruitment camps for Hadi forces and ISIS declared responsibility for those operations?!!

These criminal bombings are forbidden in Islam, and indeed, these operations only show the cowardice nature of the perpetrators who carried out their crimes in satanic ways taking advantage of their opponents gathered at Iftar time! Whatever their disagreement with them; they are all Muslims who are fasting, even if they are disobedient and guilty of following the tyrant rulers!

These criminal acts come in consistency with the pressure by the United Nations on Hadi and his government to achieve the interests of America which are dominant over them, the United Nations had announced through its envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed that it will provide a UN roadmap to resolve the crisis between the parties in the Yemen conflict, but the refusal of Hadi and his government to this map made Ould Cheikh delay its delivery to the parties. Moreover, the one who reflects on the sections of this map, some of which were disclosed by Ould Cheikh, will see that they serve America and its followers – the Houthis, at the expense of Britain’s agents – Hadi and his government and supporters – who reject this map that legitimizes the Houthi, as they profess; as the map calls for forming a partnership government with the Houthis before handing over their arms and withdrawing from the cities which they control, without containing real guarantees for their commitment to the non-recurrence of  their upheaval over the agreements once again.

It is essential to mention that “ISIS” in Yemen is only a nominally organization, and it has become a peg for each criminal act, and so, ISIS started waving the red rag to the UN and its map which is planned to be presented, therefore this will be used to make Hadi and his government compromise and accept the map under the United Nations pressure under the pretext of increasing terrorism in the areas that they control!!

The establishment of the Righteous Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood by following the way of the Honorable Prophet Muhammad (saw) – and adopted by Hizb ut Tahrir, working through it to achieve its goal – is capable of not allowing such frivolous organizations that spill blood and engage the Ummah in a huge strife. The Khilafah is also the viable solution which ends the international Anglo-American conflicts, and topples its plans which it adduces through the foolish conflicting parties.

O People of Yemen! Know that the United Nations that is bloodthirsty wants you to become more thirsty for its solutions which brings you only illness, although those solutions are not water but are a mirage, or more wars and bloodshed. Therefore reject them and reject all who promote it or resort to their judgment, and work with Hizb ut Tahrir to establish the Righteous Khilafah on the method of Prophethood, and do not allow the reckless distorted organizations that are breached by the agent rulers to draw your attention away from it, as they have abused Islam as a doctrine and a way of life. Know that no power can stand in the face of an idea whose time has come, and Allah (swt) is sufficient for us, and unto Him we rely.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Yemen

Tuesday, 23rd Ramadan 1437 AH
28/06/2016 CE
No: HTY-208